Travel Information

Here is an insiders guide to getting into and around Barcelona.


Urgell Metro Station is close to Barcelona's gay district (called "Eixample"). Eixample is the area where the majority of the events will be held and the one you should look for if you are looking for accommodation close to the venues. However, Barcelona is a small city and has a great transportation system including late night metro and a night bus service. Please get in touch if you want to know travelling times and accessibility between venues and your choice of accommodation before booking.

 Getting Around Barcelona

The best way of moving around Barcelona is the metro. If you are flying here 

The metro runs until around midnight on Thursday's, Friday evenings until around 2am and all night on Saturdays.  There is a fairly frequent night bus service and operates every night of the week.

For a point of reference, Urgell (Red Metro line) is close to Barcelona's gay district and a great location to be based for the weekend.


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Touch-screen multi-language ticket machines are available in every metro station and accept euro notes and most credit cards.

We recommend you buy a T10 multi-trip ticket - valid for 10 journeys.  For those who are used to contactless tickets note that we are a little old-school in Barcelona - these are credit-card size made from card with a magnetic strip on the back and have to be inserted into ticket barriers rather than tapping onto a pad. 

Also check if the slot you need to use is on the right or the left of the ticket barrier as it could be either. 

If you have journeys left on your card by the end of the weekend and are not using them up to get to the airport, you are welcome to hand in your T10 to a member of the Barcelona Rubbermen team - we will then donate them to a local charity for use by those in need.


If you are looking for advice on which part of Barcelona to look for a hotel, we'd suggest within walking distance of Urgell on the red metro line (look online for accommodation in "Eixample" area).

 Getting Here

Barcelona is well connected to most major European cities with frequent flights and usually at least daily flights from many regional airports too.

Getting from the airport to downtown Barcelona is quick. The city's metro network and local train departs from Terminal 2 (there is a free bus service between Terminal 1 and 2).

There are also ticket machines at both Terminal 1 and 2. Alternatively you can pay the driver (cash only, maximum note value is 20 Euro). Conveniently the Aerobus makes a stop at Urgell which is ideal for hotels Barcelona's gay district. 

There are taxi ranks outside each terminal but these, and Uber, are expensive and we recommend public transport to get into Barcelona which is often much quicker.    If you are using public transport to get into the city then we recommend buying a T10 travel card from the airport station and take the train and avoid the metro as the journey will be much quicker and included in the travel card.