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access to Friday night Gummi



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access to Friday night Gummi

(Subject to 1€ transaction fee per ticket)



The weekend wristbands are now SOLD OUT but this should not prevent you to come to our event. This only affects to the advanced tickets of the Gummi party on Friday.

The weekend wirstbands get you access to:
- Welcome Gathering on Thursday 29th -

-  FetishClub* on Thusrday 29th (5eur fee includes one beer or soft drink)

-  Social Drinks on Friday 30th

- Boxer's Social on Saturday 1st

- Mr Rubber Spain Election on Saturday 1st

- Victory Party, OpenRubber (1 drink + cloakroom included) on Saturday 1st

- Sunday Party on Sunday 2nd

Also the possibility to participate in the tour, workshops, brunch and some other surprises that we are working on! We are going to extend the time the social drinks on Friday till midnight and also we are already working on possible alternatives. So don't worry because we are not going to let you down.

Get your rubber ready because we will assure that you are wearing it all day long!



Oops! You did it again!

The standard tickets SOLD OUT in 5 days. FINAL RELEASE ON SALE NOW

There will be a LAST release of the weekend wristbands from 8th September at 13.00h. Yes while we are at Folsom We can help you buy it live. Please only buy it if you are going to attend at least Gummi and OpenRubber.

There will another wristband that does NOT guarantee the entrance to the GUMMI party (Friday), but it will include the rest of parties, (as Berlin Dark is the smallest venue)  If people from the full weekend wristband leave the venue we can let you in the Gummi party but not before midnight and take in mind that the entrance to this specific party with this band is not guaranteed. We will provide full details as soon as we can.

We will extend the times of the social drinks on Friday in order to fit everyone

Ops! you did again!
Las pulseras estandard volaron en 5 días.

Habrá un último lanzamiento de las pulseras del fin de semana a partir del 8 de septiembre a las 13.00 h. Sí, mientras estamos en Folsom. Así podremos ayudarte a comprarlas en persona.  Por favor, solo compra si vas a asistir al menos a Gummi (Viernes) y Openrubber(Sábado)

Habrá otra pulsera que no garantiza la entrada a la fiesta de gummi (viernes), pero incluirá el resto de las fiestas, (ya que Berlin Dark es el lugar más pequeño).  Si la gente de la pulsera de fin de semana sale del local podremos dejar entrar en la fiesta gummi pero no antes de medianoche y siempre teniendo en cuenta que la entrada a esta fiesta específica con esta pulsera no está garantizada. Vamos a proporcionar todos los detalles tan pronto como podamos.

También vamos a extender el horario del social drinks del viernes para poder sastisfacer a todo el mundo

As you proceed through our quick and easy to use Weekend Wristband purchase check-out you'll have the opportunity to add a Barcelona Rubbermen mug (7 €). 

These will be available to collect with your wristbands.